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Real Estate Owned (REOs)

REO Investment Group provides a 100% Turn-key REO system that provides properties that are free and clear of any liens, in livable condition, under a 100% fully managed system for the local and international investor. That’s right! You own the property outright with no mortgage payments and do not have to manage it. This system also provides solid exit strategies with positive cash flow.

Background: The United States sub prime mortgage melt down, along with risky loan products as well as low adjustable rate mortgages has led to a wave of property foreclosures across the nation. A foreclosure occurs when a property owner cannot make principle and/or interest payments on his/her mortgage loan. The bank then takes back the property (REO) and then sells it to serious investors with available funds.

Due to the large number of foreclosures in the USA, a once in a life time investor opportunity has opened up to purchase real estate properties through REO Investment Group at pennies on the dollar (over 50% discount in some cases) for investors that have available funds (e.g. cash, self directed IRAs and retirement plans, home equity lines of credits/loans, credit cards, etc).

REO/Foreclosure Investment Opportunity: This is an investors dream come true as real estate deals that where not previously possible are now available at a fraction of the cost for the average or sofisticated investors.

When You Buy REO Properties Through Us
  • • It is YOUR property.

  • • You own it FREE & CLEAR.

  • • Title Insurance INCLUDED.

  • • No hidden fees, all Fees are included in your purchase.

  • • You can manage it, sell it or rent it yourself.

  • • Or… Use Our System and don’t worry about anything and receive positive cash flow every month.

  • • All our properties are guaranteed Saleable.

  • All money goes through Attorneys & the Escrow Company, so all parties are protected and your money is at no risk.

  • • You receive confirmed title to your property.

  • • You receive physical and website address to view your properties online or you can visit each of your properties yourself.

  • • We assist you in buying, selling and receiving positive cash flow every month – fully managed system or you can do it yourself (No obligations).

Steps To Proceed
  • Contact us to indicate your interest and to get signed up.

  • • You will be sent purchase contracts for each property purchased. You will have to sign and date each purchase contract and return to Escrow/Attorneys.

  • • In order to protect yourself and us, you send all wires to the Escrow/Attorney’s.

  • • At closing, you will receive free and clear title to all your properties purchased.

  • • You can do whatever you choose with your properties as they are yours… or you can put it in our system and allow us to manage them for you with positive cash flow to you every month.

  • • If you leave it in our system then we will show you proven exit strategies that can generate you a lot of money in several months.

Take advantage of the biggest foreclosure opportunity in the USA today and generate positive cash flow. This opportunity is for the average or sofisticated investor that is interested in generating wealth through the current U.S. Real Estate foreclosure/REO market.

*Real Estate agents can earn over 9% commission through our program.

Contact us today to take advantage of this REO opportunity.

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